What's It Like to Drink a Human Toe?
August 2017

Baldur's Gender
August 2017
There are nineteen genders in the Baldur’s Gate engine. We asked the developers what they all mean.

The Unsettling Political Power Fantasy of Dishonored 2
December 2016
Protagonists Emily and Corvo are less interested in the hard work of governance than the flashy ascent to power. Sound familiar?

The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It's Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)
August 2016
How killing Rasputin inadvertently changed the course of film history.

My Uncle Works for Nintendo
March 2016
On the one time the famed schoolyard legend of the "uncle who works for Nintendo" actually existed.

Having Nightmares? Invoke the Baku, the Dream-Devouring Beast of Japanese Fable
February 2016
A nice, short piece for a magazine published by a mattress company about an ancient monster that eats dreams.

These American Woods
October 2015
On the performative masculinity of the American lumberjack, and how it expressed itself in beating each other up and inventing tall tales about woodland monsters who were so sad they wanted to die.

In the Basement of the King
July 2015
San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel prides itself on opulent architecture and elite clientele -- not the tacky tiki bar in the basement, which they fucking hate.

Unbearable Lightning
May 2014
Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning an incredible seven times, more than anybody in history. I mean, you would hope so.

Raising Kane
July 2013
What is the Citizen Kane of video games? The only way to find out for sure is to summon Orson Welles with a Ouija board, and ask him yourself.

Benjamin Franklin and Me
January 2013
A strange and lonely visit to Benjamin Franklin's London residence.