Friday Night in the City of Bears
March 2016

Life in the small town of Churchill, just south of the Arctic Circle, where polar bears roam the streets.

Cocktails at Pamplona
August 2014

“That toe belonged to an American. A friend of Ernest Hemingway, the American writer. You see? Already this is fascinating.”

“The fact that the toe belonged to a friend of Ernest Hemingway does not make me want to touch the toe with my mouth.”

Bad Dreams
February 2011

"I read the other day that the keyboard cat had been dead for years before the YouTube videos. I wonder if that cat went his whole life feeling like he was a failure."

From the Desk of a Campo Santo Ombudsman / Overland Limited / Ombudsman Regina / Black River
November 2014

A four-part story about and set around San Diego's El Campo Santo Cemetery.

The Horror at Ellsditch
September 2012

"I was startled before dawn by a sharp, persistent scratching at the door, soon followed by a sudden, violent thumping. Then I heard shouts. It was those words again: 'yig soggruth! yig soggruth!!' they screeched it over and over like jackals, hooting and laughing, reveling in mad ecstasy. To be honest, Kay, I’m not certain 'yig soggruth' means 'pleasant dreams' at all."