Pocahontas in Gravesend
July 2016
Pocahontas, the legendary princess, is buried somewhere underneath an English car park. Nobody knows where.

The Disappearance of Amina Arraf
May 2016
She was a lesbian activist and blogger, writing eloquently and movingly about the war in Syria. When she was abducted by government agents, the world was outraged. The only problem? She never existed.

The Last Days of HitchBOT
February 2016
This robot successfully hitchhiked across Canada and Germany, but when it tried the same in America, it was murdered two weeks in. Nobody knows who killed HitchBOT -- and nobody knows where its head is.

Survival Horror
October 2015
There's been a mine fire burning under Centralia, Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Why do people still live there, and why do they hate Silent Hill?

Lost Boys
February 2015
On a culture of harassment in the video game industry.

Badlands Revisited
December 2013
On the Chernobyl tourism industry.

The Dogs of Summer
August 2013
In Dumbarton, Scotland, there is a bridge where dogs routinely commit suicide. This isn't a joke
-- this actually happens.